5 July 2010 |

Ecommerce Alliance plc / Shareholding in Pearlfection GmbH

Munich, 5 July 2010 - Ecommerce Alliance plc, listed on the Entry Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (WKN: A0QZ0E), has acquired shares in Pearlfection GmbH as part of the company’s capital increase. The shareholding is 27 percent.

Following Ecommerce Alliance’s successful acquisition of shares in Shirtinator AG in 2009, this is a significant step in the company’s expansion into the mass customisation market. Like the Shirtinator AG move, the shareholding in Pearlfection GmbH is an expression of the company’s strategy of expansion with a consistent emphasis on the growing e-commerce market.

“For us, Ecommerce Alliance is the ideal investor. We will benefit from funding as well as from the marketing and sales services of getperformance GmbH and e-commerce knowhow. This will help Pearlfection GmbH to grow", says Hendrik Ernst, founder and CEO of Pearlfection GmbH. “Pearlfection GmbH is a highly attractive company, offering their customers a jewellery design service through www.pearlfection.de. The jewellery market in Germany is worth around 3 billion euro per annum, with a rapidly growing e-commerce area. We are confident that Pearlfection can find an advantageous position within this market with the support of Ecommerce Alliance”, says Tim Schwenke, Executive Director of Ecommerce Alliance plc.

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