We invest in companies 
that shape the world of tomorrow.

We focus on Growth financing

Early stage

We do not invest early stage


We support your expansion
and internationalization

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We back our winners all the
way to IPO or exit


We prefer to acquire entire portfolios

We offer strategic, operational and financial support

Public market access

We establish our assets’ brands at public investors


We are not tied to fund life cycles. We provide capital synchronized with our companies’ developments

Entrepreneurial experience

We founded companies ourselves and guided them (some of them) all the way to IPO

Digital business services

Our companies get preferred access to our digital business services

What we invest in


We invest in digital, disruptive and scalable businesses driven by passionate teams
We invest in growth companies
that generate significant revenues



We invest in companies following a visible and credible path to profitability
We invest in companies with an exit horizon of 3-5 years



Analysts see boom in digital education

11.12.2020 - Digital education is driven by globalization, especially in the language sector, but also by the development of new technologies. Thus, the relevance of multilingualism for employees and companies is constantly increasing. After all, language skills are an important factor in avoiding competitive disadvantages in international trade relations. Global expansion is facilitated when employees […]

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Impregnation spray “MSBG-Tec‘ from Bio-Gate continues its success story

09.12.2020 - The impregnation spray “MSBG-Tec“ has an antiviral and antibacterial effect on surfaces, making it an ideal addition to current hygiene strategies in public spaces. The current demand for the impregnation spray is growing strongly. lt is particularly in demand from public transport providers, operators of child and care facilities, and hospitals. Thus, Bio […]

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Exasol gives an outlook with five data trends for 2021

02.12.2020 - In December 2020, Exasol succesfully completed a capital increase with gross proceeds of EUR 43.3 million, as WallstreetOnline reported.https://www.wallstreet-online.de/nachricht/13228296-dgap-adhoc-exasol-platziert-erfolgreich-2-2-millionen-aktien-barkapitalerhoehung-bruttoemissionserloes-eur-43-3-millionen. Now the database provider is taking a look into the future: In a current whitepaper, Matthias Golombek, CTO of Exasol, has summarized the five most important data and analytics trends for 2021. The disruptive […]

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