26 August 2010 |

Resolution returns unanimous approval of the acquisition of Tiburon Partners AG at the extraordinary general meeting of Ecommerce Alliance plc

Shareholders of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Entry Standard listed Ecommerce Alliance plc (ISIN: A0QZ0E) met at an extraordinary general meeting in London where they strongly approved the course of the company management and unanimously agreed to the acquisition of Tiburon Partners AG. The company is therefore in a position to considerably expand on its existing presence in the growth-orientated ecommerce sector.

Daniel Wild, CEO of Ecommerce Alliance plc said: "With the purchase of Tiburon Partners AG we are significantly supplementing the existing portfolio of the Ecommerce Alliance in the fields of ecommerce brands and ecommerce media by a further 15 companies. The market position of Ecommerce Alliance will be considerably strengthened by this."

"The 100 percent agreement of the shareholders has confirmed our course: Further potential for growth will be freed up by the targeted completion of our service portfolio and this will also assure our success in the future" adds Tim Schwenke, Executive Director of Ecommerce Alliance plc.

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