16 July 2010 |

Ecommerce Alliance expands its portfolio in the e-commerce brands and e-commerce media sectors

Munich, 16 July 2010 - Ecommerce Alliance plc, listed on the Entry Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (WKN: A0QZ0E) has announced the acquisition of Tiburon Partners AG. The e-commerce specialist continues its strategy of expansion with a move which adds to the companyʼs e-commerce shareholdings. The new shares are a significant extension of Ecommerce Allianceʼs existing portfolio in the areas of e-commerce brands and e-commerce media. Ecommerce Allianceʼs market position is clearly stronger as a result.

“The acquisition of Tiburon Partners AG is an important step in the broadening of our e-commerce base. Whether in the e-commerce brands area, with mass customisation sites such as Posterjack, Experience Media, 4Tronyx and the Miet24 property renting site, or in e-commerce media, with wide coverage portals such as NetMoms or Allvatar: our aim is to grow the company value of Ecommerce Alliance in a sustainable manner”, explains Daniel Wild, CEO of Ecommerce Alliance plc.

The company engaged auditors Ernst & Young GmbH to advise them on the planned takeover, and they produced a fairness opinion. The purchase of Tiburon Partners AG is conditional on the approval of the extraordinary Annual General Meeting of the company. The purchase price will be settled exclusively by the issue of new shares to the nominal value of £565,127.

“This acquisition allows Ecommerce Alliance to round out its business portfolio. We have managed to broaden our existing presence in the ecommerce growth market by adding a further 15 companies - Tiburon Partners AGʼs e-commerce portfolio. This gives further scope for growth and increases our market share, whilst maintaining our excellent cash position", adds Tim Schwenke, Executive Director at Ecommerce Alliance plc.

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