1 April 2010 |

Ecommerce Alliance plc (getmobile europe plc) adopts new stance: change of name and management

Ecommerce Alliance plc has realigned the company in readiness for the new e-commerce strategy to take effect on 1 April.

The measures include the renaming of getmobile Europe plc as Ecommerce Alliance plc and the renaming of the 100% subsidiary getmobile AG as Ecommerce Alliance Services AG, as well as some staff changes. getmobile AG has been renamed Ecommerce Alliance Services AG. “This is a natural step forward following the sale of the getmobile.de business in December 2009. Ecommerce Alliance Services’ portfolio includes marketing and sales under the brand getperformance and logistics and order fulfilment under the brand getlogics", explains Daniel Wild, CEO of Ecommerce Alliance plc.

Reinforcements arrived for pauldirekt GmbH’s management on 1 April: Patrick Bosch, who holds a degree in computer science, has worked for Ecommerce Alliance since 1999, as Head of IT at Ecommerce Alliance Services AG and CTO in Ecommerce Alliance plc. Patrick Bosch is the new CEO of pauldirekt GmbH and will continue to monitor the fortunes of Ecommerce Alliance Services AG as a member of its supervisory board. Maximilian Ardelt, Chairman of Ecommerce Alliance, said: “We are very happy to have Patrick, a highly experienced professional, working for pauldirekt”.

We can also announce that Sven Schreiber will resign as Finance Director of Ecommerce Alliance Services AG on 31 March 2010, and as CFO of Ecommerce Alliance plc at the end of April after the announcement of annual figures. “We thank Mr Schreiber for his dedication and wish him all the best for the future”, says Ardelt.

“We are pleased to announce that Justine Mross will take over Sven’s duties. Justine has worked in the finance area since 2007, with considerable success".

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