27 April 2010 |

ecommerce alliance plc: Umsatz und Ergebnis 2009 im Rahmen der Erwartungen

Munich, 27 April 2010. Ecommerce Alliance plc (formerly getmobile plc), quoted on the Entry Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, achieved a turnover of 25.7 million euro in the 2009 accounting year. The previous year, sales were 101.5 million euro. Low demand for mobile contracts and the resulting drop in agreements signed by Ecommerce Alliance plc customers had a significant effect on the figures. There was a sudden slump in direct sales of mobile contracts via the internet in 2009, which called the getmobile.de business model into question. The company took immediate action in response to the change in market conditions, selling the getmobile.de business at the end of 2009.

Because of the economic downturn, Ecommerce Alliance plc‘s EBITDA for the reporting period was minus 1.3 million euro in comparison with the previous year’s figure of plus 3.2 million euro. A positive cash position of 9.8 million euro at 31 December 2009 means that the company is in a stable financial position and able to contemplate future growth.

Strategy and outlook
The company moved into an era of realignment in 2009, with the former getmobile europe plc renamed as part of today’s Ecommerce Alliance plc. The change of name was a logical consequence reflecting the new strategic position of the company. The restructuring measures, now successfully completed, imply that the subsidiaries will in future focus on the fast-growing e-commerce market. The structure of the holding company is also leaner and more efficient.

In view of its strong cash position, Ecommerce Alliance not only anticipates organic growth, but will also look for further acquisitions in the ecommerce sector.

The 2009 annual report is available in English in digital format and can be downloaded at www.mountain-alliance.de under Investor Relations / Financial publications / Annual reports.

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