15 September 2010 |

Ecommerce Alliance raises its share in Mybestbrands GmbH

Ecommerce Alliance plc, listed on the Entry Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (WKN: A0QZ0E) has increased its shareholding in Mybestbrands GmbH from 10 to 20.5 percent.

Since its first entry in March 2009, Mybestbrands GmbH has proved to be an important strategic stake in the expansion of the e-commerce and media business areas. In view of this, Ecommerce Alliance has decided to increase its shareholding.

The consumer portal www.mybestbrands.de informs its members about the current top bargains from 400 online shops daily. Apart from fashion, the bargain hunters will also discover what they were looking for from categories like kitchen and living, electronics, sports and leisure as well as getaways and city travels. Mybestbrands supplies the online shop and shopping clubs with new customers and gains from its customer mediations its returns. Ecommerce Alliance benefits in two respects: Firstly from the pleasant business development and secondly from the sales power, which supplies Ecommerce Alliance’s business area Ecommerce Brands with new customers.

“Mybestbrands is increasingly effective as a sales generator for internet business. Acquiring more shares was thus a logical step”, said Daniel Wild, CEO of Ecommerce Alliance plc.

“Ecommerce Alliance is a coherent strategic partner for Mybestbrands – supporting our growth path effectively”, according to Moritz Seidel, CEO of Mybestbrands GmbH.

“Moreover, Mybestbrands can bring additional customers into contact with our other Ecommerce Brands in a highly cost-effective way”, adds Tim Schwenke, Executive Director of Ecommerce Alliance plc.

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