2 December 2020 |

Exasol gives an outlook with five data trends for 2021

02.12.2020 - In December 2020, Exasol succesfully completed a capital increase with gross proceeds of EUR 43.3 million, as WallstreetOnline reported.https://www.wallstreet-online.de/nachricht/13228296-dgap-adhoc-exasol-platziert-erfolgreich-2-2-millionen-aktien-barkapitalerhoehung-bruttoemissionserloes-eur-43-3-millionen.

Now the database provider is taking a look into the future: In a current whitepaper, Matthias Golombek, CTO of Exasol, has summarized the five most important data and analytics trends for 2021. The disruptive crisis year 2020 has also triggered new trends and accelerated developments - especially with regard to digital transformation. The data megatrends at a glance:

  1. Diversity and ethical issues are transforming the role of the chief data officer (CDO), who will have more influence in shaping ethical corporate standards in the future.
  2. More data democracy through increased cloud use and an accompanying expansion of data transparency in companies.
  3. In 2021, companies will focus their process automation to increase the speed and agility of data teams, creating more capacity for data analysis and use.
  4. Artificial and collaborative intelligence lead to more data-based decision making - in synergistic combination of human and artificial intelligence.
  5. Companies will develop the data competence of their employees in order to promote the appreciation and use of the data basis.

To download the free whitepaper “Vorhersagen für 2021 – fünf Daten- und Analysetrends, die man im Blick haben sollte“ click here .

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