19 December 2018 |

Mountain Alliance AG completes the takeover of Mountain Technology AG as part of a non-cash capital increase

Mountain Alliance AG reports the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Mountain Technology AG, a holding company headquartered in St. Gallen, Switzerland from Mountain Partners AG. As part of the transaction, which is done as a non-cash capital increase, Mountain Partners AG increases its share in Mountain Alliance AG from 50.1% to 66.9%. In the context of the takeover of Mountain Technology AG by Mountain Alliance AG, the board of directors of Mountain Alliance AG decided in agreement with the supervisory board of the company on 19 December 2018 to increase the share capital in partial utilization of the approved capital 2018/I to the exclusion of shareholders' subscription rights of EUR 4,035,330.00 by EUR 2,010,390.00 to EUR 6,045,720.00 by issuing 2,010,390 new shares in exchange for contributions in kind. The new shares were signed for in full today by Mountain Partners AG as part of a private placement, which will in return introduce all 100,000 shares in Mountain Technology AG into Mountain Alliance AG. The issue price for the new shares of Mountain Alliance AG was EUR 6.50 and therefore above the average closing price for the company over the past 30 trading days before today, as well as above the final closing price of the company shares. The new shares will be participating shares as of the start of the business year in which the capital increase is registered in the companies' register for Mountain Alliance AG.

The transaction represents a substantial enlargement of the Mountain Alliance AG portfolio.

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