17 January 2019 |

Mountain Alliance AG: Group result 2018 impacted by share price development of the portfolio company The Native SA

Mountain Alliance AG, according to preliminary calculations, is expected to report earnings before taxes (EBT) of approximately TEUR minus 1,800 for the 2018 financial year (previous year: TEUR 670). While the previous forecast of the Management Board provided an annual result for 2018, which was assumed to continue without taking exits into account on the basis of the half-year result (EBT H1/2018: TEUR minus 182), a significant need for impairment was identified for the stock listed holding company The Native SA in connection with the preparation of the consolidated financial statements pursuant to IRFS and the assessment of accounting and valuation issues. The reason for the above is an unexpectedly significant decline in the share price of The Native SA in December as of the reporting date, which, on the basis of IFRS accounting, resulted in a non-cash impact on earnings in the low single-digit million range.

According to preliminary calculations, Mountain Alliance AG realized group revenues of around EUR 20 million for the full year 2018 and thus achieved its revenues target.

Net asset value (NAV) of Mountain Alliance AG, according to preliminary calculations, amounts to approximately EUR 6.60 per share as of 31 December 2018.

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