16 August 2023 |

Mountain Alliance AG: Investment Lingoda focuses its growth on special segment initiatives

Munich, July 11, 2023 - Lingoda, an investment of Mountain Alliance AG (ISIN DE000A12UK08), is focusing its growth on special segment initiatives to counteract the shortage of qualified personnel in Germany. For this purpose, the Berlin-based online language school has launched the “Match Talent” platform in cooperation with the online education provider Kiron Open Higher Education in the first quarter of 2023. “Match Talent” is a global career center for international talented professionals in Germany that offers qualified language and specialist courses. The aim is to attract and promote qualified workers for various industries in Germany.

The initiative benefits from Lingoda's many years of experience: since its founding in 2013, the online language school has taught more than 100,000 students worldwide and now offers up to 562,000 language lessons per year, led by around 1,500 professional teachers from around the world. Mountain Alliance AG currently holds a stake of approximately 7% in Lingoda.

Prior to “Match Talent”, Lingoda and Kiron have already jointly set up the “Match Pflege” platform, in 2021. “Match Pflege” focuses with great success on integrating care workers into the German healthcare industry. This is because “Match Pflege” has so far succeeded in integrating thousands of healthcare professionals into the German labor market with courses in language and intercultural qualification. “Match Talent” is expected to have a similar potential for success over time.

The shortage of qualified workers in Germany is immense and affects almost all sectors. The “Match Talent” initiative helps to recruit, qualify and integrate qualified workers across all sectors. To this end, funded educational programs from experienced partners in Germany are combined with language, integration and career coaching to ensure intercultural and professional qualification.

This creates a win-win situation: “Match Talent” offers international talents the best career and integration opportunities, and German economy benefits from motivated, well-trained specialists.


Further information: www.match-talent.de

About Lingoda:

Lingoda is one of the top online language schools. Founded in Berlin, Germany in 2013, Lingoda provides convenient and accessible online language courses in German, English, Business English, French and Spanish to over 100,000 students worldwide. With almost 550,000 classes available per year and accessible 24/7, our mission is to build bridges around the world through language learning. Visit Lingoda.com to learn more.

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